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1 st House

Head is a main part of a human body, and a first house is like that.
1st house is a main place and very important in a horoscope.
It is describing person behaviors’, features, physique, person character and status.

2 nd House

2nd House describes wealth, properly improve and decline, eloquent (speaking), vision, marriage life, after marriage and death.Especially man’s right eye, a woman’s left eye and mouth, neck effect.

3 rd House

3rd house describe about brother and sisters, study, encourage, journey and know about hearing, hands, shoulder and top of the chest, life span.

4 th House

4th house describe about properly, lands, houses, family life, environment, mother and cousins, chest, mind, end of the life, wealth and health.

5 th House

5th house describe about children, love, soul, happiness, enjoy, past life, entertainment, intelligent, character and heart.

6 th House

6th house describe about sickness, enemies, pets, servants, mothers brothers and sisters, and mainly stomach, womb, in the body.

7 th House

7th houses describe marriage, husband or wife, affairs, business or life, partners, famous enemies, love and passion, and hip in the body.

8 th House

8th house describe about death, life time, mentally problems, sorrow, life partners wealth and property, and secret place of the body.

9 th House

9th house describe about fortune, vision, travelling overseas, dreams, spiritual energy, higher education, fathers situation, life partners brothers and sisters, next birth and thigh.

10 th House

10th house describe about job, business, honors, good name, life interest, fathers good or bad, life partners, property and mother, life about 30-60 age, knee of the body.

11 th House

11th house describe about income, friends, social status, wishes and interest, advisors and advices, elders, life partners, intelligence and calf of in the body.

12 th House

12th describe about injustice, expense, sadness, weakness, arrested, hospitalize, brutality, secret business, destroy, visit abroad , give up birth place, life partners health, below of the ankle in the body.

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